Women’s football in India is on the rise recently with the establishment of the Indian Women’s League and such. 

How much do you know about women’s football and its history?

This edition of Goal ‘s ‘Sharp Minds’ quiz is for the die hard fans of the Gaurs.

As we see football take a backseat among the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, here’s your chance to while away some time.

We will bring you a set of 10 questions, a mixture of easy and tough ones, every week on Indian football. Try answering them on your own (without googling, we hope) and see how much you know about Indian football.

Share your scores with others and showboat. The latest edition of Sharp Minds is right here. Have fun.

NOTE : You are welcome to contact us through social media, if you need any clarification on the answers. We will try, to the best of our abilities, to explain.